Typesetting Mac and Mc

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Our magazine uses an allcaps cutline style and recently the copy chief has requested some clarification on the proper setting of a name like MCCARTNEY in a cutline. It looks odd to my eye, but setting it as McCARTNEY opens up the door to all sorts of questions like how to do "d'Yquem", for example. D'YQUEM or d'YQUEM? DEL VERDE or Del VERDE. Thanks in advance.

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What about using small caps? Wouldn't be that much of a diff in a name like McCartney but anything like MacDonald or DiGiacomandrea would retain a more "cappy" personality.

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That's a tough call there. Maybe compromise and use a small cap in those situations?

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Maybe drink a bottle of that d'Yquem & see if inspiration strikes?

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