(x) Letterhead mix - Rockwell, Belizio, Script MT, Erbar Cd {Chesh, Franz, Mark S}

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Looks like three families here.
I'm particularly interested in the serif and the script (the word "Fax" in reverse).

Thanks for any help.type mix

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"ADDRESS" is Rockwell Bold Condensed. Rockwell looks like it's used elsewhere as well.

"Extent" and "PHONE" look like some form of Clarendon.

"THE NETHERLANDS" looks like Futura Condensed.

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The clarendon used for "PHONE", "Austerlitz", "Ex'tent" etc. looks like Belizio Bold.

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Nice call, Franz.

Fax is Script MT.

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By the way, props to Mike Yanega's Script Font Identification Guide for help spotting Script MT.

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The word NETHERLANDS and the phone number looks more like Erbar Condensed to me.

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Wow -- nice catch, Mark.

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Erbar is a personal favorite of mine.

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Erbar looks great, another one for the shopping list.. Thanks Mark!

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Unfortunately, only a few of the original weights and styles are available in digital format. Linotype has the two condensed weights. Phosphor is also part of the original family.

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That explains why my hunt for a regular cut of Erbar was less than successful. :-( Looks like even Google has never heard of Erbar Regular.

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I have a three-ring binder that I picked
up in a used bookstore. The cover says Graphis Type, although inside it's all
Compugraphics stuff. The date is 1985.

Erbar was indeed digitized by Compugraphics.

In the credits, it says
ERBAR (CG, Merg)
Belmont (AL)

AL = Autologic Incorporated.
Merg=Mergentahler Linotype Corp.

A google of Cg Erbar leads to the page below.



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NOW i read the thread. Never mind ... erbar
condensed is already out there ...
you were talking REGULAR.


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Nope, never been digitized, much to my chagrin. I've tried
to hunt it down too, but to no avail...

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