New Lettering Website

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I put together a website for myself. If you like lettering you might like to give it a look.

Thanks and have a nice day.

-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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Looks nice! Id love to see more work

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I like your work very much too. It's good to know your fonts are available at MyFonts as an alternative to LetterHead Fonts.
See this discussion for why, if you haven't already.

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You work looks great! But don't forget to update your page titles :-)

If I might kibbitz a little more (sorry!), I would also suggest maybe moving the "more stuff" link over to the rest of your navigation and changing it to something like "logos" or "samples."

I know you didn't ask for suggestions & maybe you're still working on it, so I apologize if this comes across as nitpicky.

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Splendid work, Charles. There are so few with your talent, I'm glad you finally have a home on the Web.

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Thanks for the nice comments. Inarges, I am not a website designer, what does it mean to update your page titles? and how do you do it?. I could use all of the help I can. That was a great Idea, Inagres. I think i will make that change. Suggestions are very welcome as I am new to this.


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Your page title is now “homepage”. You can see it on the top of the window. I don’t know how to do it in Web Studio but you can edit your pages with Notepad. You’ll find the title in the beginning, between <title> and </title>

I really love your lettering. Good to know I can buy from Myfonts.

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Thanks, Charles. I'm glad you took my suggestion in the spirit it was intended. Criticism from strangers on the internet can be very annoying.

To expand on what Grot Esqué said, I would suggest changing each page title to something descriptive. So your homepage title might become "Charles Borges Lettering" and the page for your commercial fonts could be "Charles Borges Lettering: Fonts" etc.

The page title is what shows up by default when someone bookmarks your site (as I did!) in their web browser.

I believe that descriptive, relevant page titles also help your site become more visible search engines.

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Oh thanks I see what you mean. Thanks for the tips! That is good to know.


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I love your lettering. It's fantastic. And I love Sarah Script, as well.

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Thanks BradB

I appreciate it!

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