A good pairing, despite being Web 2.0

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All cliches aside, im designing an identity and webpage for a company by the name of
"Focused Web". A quick background. . . A small Web Design and SEO/SEM marketing company based out of Truckee CA.

Their site is old and they have never worked on their identity or website. They are pushing the company towards a new Active Content web page management system, following similiar parrallels to various forms of web 2.0 user contributed content.

They want to look like one of the new cliche web 2.0 companies. Whilst I will also come up with a more unique solution. . . I have the following question. . .

Is there any serifed, slab, or script that might work in conjunction with Vag Rounded, or the new Gotham Rounded.

Other points. . . they want to incorporate their initials as either a mark, or typographic mark. Ill post a few roughs shortly if anyone cares to take a look.


(you can see their existing identity and site at http://www.focusedweb.com


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Heres a version of the logo the client liked. . . Id like to improve it.

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When I see the first example I am reminded to the Roxio toast 6 logo. Very similar in colours and typeface. In my personal opinion I like the bottom one best because it still incorporates a globe from their original logo and doesn't look like a massive overhaul of their logo, it makes it instantly recognizable to the client.
I'm thinking maybe incorporating the f with the globe in the word focused, but when I visualise it in my head I want to punch myself.

But so far a big improvement from the original logo.

Keep us updated

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Rob thanks for the comments, ill be doing their entire identity and website, so much more work and improvements to come.



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I'm not sure about the 'f' behind the globe - it makes me think of some sort of TV news station from the 1970s. I don't think the typeface choice (of the 'f') fits with the Web 2.0 look.

However, the globe is a nice update from their old Web 1.0 logo.

Remember, for Web 2.0:
-Everything made from candy (well done in your first two logos)
-No capital letters (to promote "friendliness")
-Rounded terminals (you're close on this one)
-Bright fruit-like colours (again, your blue is nice - maybe throw in some orange or lime or grape)

So while your logos have that Web 2.0 look, I think you could take it even further :)

- Lex

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Thanks Lex, seeing your notes on colours, rounded, etc. makes me cringe,
feels like im designing into a cliche (which of course I am)

But hey whatever they (the client) wants. . .


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Mate, change the typeface you are using for the logo, it is ugly and the 's' is all buggerd up. Try Unit or Info, theyd be good!


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Thanks Muzz, Ill look into it. Im really leanign towards Gotham Rounded but ill have a look.

Question, Im a brit despite living in the US, where do I get digger from? and where does Pom come from. . . Ive got Prisoner of her majestys army, and then something about a ditch digger, but theres a big gre area.



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