Appropriate type for the agriculture show

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Which typeface do you think suits the whole idea of an agriculture show? The agriculture show has been going on since the 1770's in the Northwest of England. It is usually attended by the elder generation and people into the farming industries/husbandry skills etc. Although it has started to become into a family day out for all, i still want to target and inform the original target audience in the poster i am going to be using this type for. So what do you think? Which one should I go for?
PS the patron for the agriculture show is the Queen Elizabeth of UK.

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I would go for the more classic ones, not too gimmicky for the Queen.

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I live on a farm in the northeast of the U.S., in an agricultural district (one that by our young U.S. standards, is very old -- settled since late 1700s.) Somehow the northwest of England feels as if it would be pretty similar in its values and traditions.

All of the samples you posted feel to me like things that my neighbors would not relate to. They feel elegant, stylish, and "downtown" or "High Street."

Seems to me you might try for something with these qualities -- earthy, practical, straightforward, strong, not geometric, not modern -- as a way to relate to the fairgoers, rather than thinking about the Queen and going for elegance. But that's only my Yank interpretation of what your event is all about.

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Hmmmm, i suppose and the qualities you have mentioned seem right. Could you please recommend any typefaces that you think would be appropriate for me to get an idea of what sort. Thanks.

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I think Bruce is getting at a British workhorse serif from the 1700s, like Baskerville or Caslon.

Baskerville 1757

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Okay. Thanks.

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What about a nice classic wood cut type?

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