Coming to a pond near you

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This quacks me up.

No, really! ;-)

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this is quacktastic. ive been waiting a long time for a product like this to come along.

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Do any of you old-timers remember a page from u&lc from perhaps the mid-70s that showed an entire alphabet made from identical pretzels bitten off in particular ways?

As I recall the story, an art director was watching the telly with his family, bit off a couple of pretzels and remarked on how well they seemed to work as letters. After that the whole family pitched in on the project. The alphabet was even accompanied with a full complement of numerals and punctuation. (no old style figs, though!)

I have a copy slide of that page because I used to include in my lectures for a bit of levity. If I can hunt it up I'll post it.

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I remember that: these days, it would go for a fortune on eBay.... ;-)

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