(x) Ministry Of Sound logo - custom designed by Dalton Maag {Vince C}

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Hello there, i'm trying to find out what typeface Dalton Maag has used in the Ministry Of Sound logo (link below). As far as i can see it isn't a typeface done by Dalton Maag but i could be possibly very wrong. I couldn't find anything related online as well. Thanks in advance for any help and/or pointers in the right direction.


Link logo:

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Reminds me of Barmeno. Pretty positive (99.999%) that it’s custom though.

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Thanks Conor, it does have some similarities with Barmeno, although the MoS typeface looks more square-ish, has different stroke widths as well as a more curvy foot on the R. But if it's really custom I think Barmeno could do the job as well. Thanks again!

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it reminded me of Barmeno as well Conor - but Dalton Maag being Dalton Maag, I'd be fairly sure it is custom.


Dalton Maag were asked to provide the typography for this well known UK music label. We initially supplied various typographical routes with the one currently in use being crafted to work well in different sizes and applications. The most challenging aspect was to ensure that the type works well on the curve of the logo.

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Yeah, I read that bit at Dalton Maag's site as well mmoran, initially I expected it to be a custom font as well but I also expected it to be listed here if that would be the case:

Then again, I assume *all* custom fonts would be mentioned, but could be dead wrong here. Assuming it's custom I think I'll go with Barmeno, nice alternative. Thanks again guys.

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If you need additional weights, expert sets, small caps et al, try FF Sari, or "Barmeno Next" if you prefer. ;^)

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DM might have done just the logo.

Not all jobs are complete typefaces, some are lettering jobs.

Nick Cooke

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Thanks Bald. Couldn't find "Barmeno Next" though. The only Barmeno's I can find are Barmeno BQ and Barmeno BE (what's the difference?).

And yeah you're totally right Nick, I was thinking too much in terms of typefaces without realizing that Dalton Maag may very well just have done a hand full of characters in this case. And if that's the case Dalton Maag should make it into a typeface!

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I designed the letters for the Ministry Logo. It isn't a font. They use to use Times but I refined their logo and they chose my design. So I designed the letters to go with it. It was a bit tough to make it work on an arch but it was finalized then made into an eps file in Illustrator from the letters made in Fontographer I believe since it was before FontLab might have been finished.

I was trying to pick-up how they wanted to round off the logo and the way they changed the inner holes of the globe.

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Hey Vince, good to know. Thank you very much for the info. Now it officially is a custom job! Yay! I did actually see your blog in the google results when i was searching for it. However other than a link to MoS I couldn't find anything else on your blog nor is it mentioned on your own site that confirmed this so i thought you did some other type work for MoS.

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old 1999 Millenium edition MOS logo
2003 first yearly use MOS logo

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The redesign is a lot better Vince. As in that the type fits the logo more. But why isn't this in your online portfolio?

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> Thanks Bald. Couldn’t find “Barmeno Next” though. The only Barmeno’s I can find are Barmeno BQ and Barmeno BE (what’s the difference?).

Barmeno Next was an in-joke. ;^)

Use FF Sari, not Barmeno. When you purchase a license for FF Sari, you support Hans Reichel, the designer who created Barmeno and its almost identical twin FF Sari. If you purchase a license for Barmeno, you just make some lawyers who work for a rotten apple a little richer. Read all about it in this thread.

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Aha probably because I'm not that in with the in-crowd Bald! hehehe... But I get it now. Thanks for the background info on Reichel versus Berthold. Good to know. I just realized I should come here more often.

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