Solar Car Type Suggestions

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I'm currently designing a logo for a solar car racing team. The mark is pretty much solidified at this point, but I'm looking for type to complement it. Attached is the b/w version (since the colours aren't finalized yet).

I suggested Proxima Nova for the type, but the client said it was "too blocky". Their old logo used Eras Bold, and they want something "like that". So the requirements are:

-Shapes that complement the sun's rays from the image
-Not "too blocky"

Thanks a bunch in advance,

- Lex

EDIT: I removed the images because I'm paranoid about people stealing my ideas :P

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That's a solid symbol, Lex. Nice job.

FF Strada
FF Cocon

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Thanks, Stephen. I'm really happy with how the mark turned out.

These are some good suggestions. I like Cocon, but its letterforms are a bit too... techno, if that makes sense.

Also (I should have mentioned this) the client really likes my logo for Moncur Groundwater because it looks "clean" and "fresh". So, I'm guessing they want something in a humanist face, and not too dark.

Thanks for the help, and keep the suggestions coming.

- Lex

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How about Shaker Wide Italic?


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An extended humanist italic. eg Preface?

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Nice idea, Ignacio.

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Not to be too off topic - I am just curious about the solar racing team.
Are they using solar cars or just calling themselves that?
Which circuit are they running in? I haven't come across them before?


Google is your friend...
Solar Racing is the racing division of Solar Funding, a Professional Real Estate Loan Brokerage.

Looks like fun over the desert...

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I assumed it was solar-powered vehicles.


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Me too :-)
Thanks Stephen, Cocon was a clue.

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Thanks for the help, everyone. Unfortunately, I just got an email from the client saying that they've decided it's too late to change the logo for this year, so I'm going to have to put this one on the back burner (or even off the stove and into the freezer) for a while.

Again, thanks.

- Lex

P.S. Jackie - the name of the team isn't "Solar Racing", they are a solar car racing team for a university. I can't divulge more at this time.

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Too late for brilliance, eh? Sorry to hear that Lex. Them's the designer's breaks.

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Thanks Lex,

Maybe you'll come back and post more about it one day.

I follow many races - but I'm in the Southeast. I was able to dig up that Solar racing is in California, New Mexico and Arizona -- I was surprised I hadn't heard about it. (I'm supposedly an editor for a car magazine -- but we deal mostly in historic issues...)

Well, I'll patiently wait for you to fill in the blanks -- one day.

Meanwhile, I wanted you to know it was a nice looking logo - can't wait to see the finished piece... again, one day.

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I just want to see the mark.

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