(x) Innerzone Orchestra "Programmed" - custom {Mark S}

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this link goes an detroitjazz record sleeve: does anybody know the font ??
question number two: does anybody know a font named DETROIT ??

i have heard about that font today from Laurie Haycock Makela from

thanks in advance

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Looks like a custom job to me. Notice how the same letters look different each time they appear.

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You could try NOVUM from YWFT ...

Or you could recreate that type style ... fairly quickly.

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You asked about a font named Detroit. Here's one (font #9).
And here is one called New Detroit.

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You could also take a look at Clotilde Olyff's Alpha Bloc from Font Bureau ...


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The Innerzone Orchestra sleeve is definitely a custom
job. I have looked at it over and over again so I'm pretty
sure. (I also listened to the album over and over again,
it's tr

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