Gotham Rounded: All the Rage?

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Anyone else anticipate the new Gotham Rounded hitting a major sweet spot like Gotham did a few years ago?

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Let's see… Gotham Complete + Gotham Rounded… iPhone… Gotham Complete + Gotham Rounded… iPhone… decisions, decisions…

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I think it's pretty sweet! Plus it is maybe not too late to sell to 1000's of design studios not wanting to be utterly me too with a VAG rounded 'web two point oh' look. Nick! You had better get your rounded font out now before the fashion trend is over. ;-) The one thing that is wacky is the way the character changes with the caps & lc. I don't quite know what I think about that. Stephen your right Burin Sans is sweet too. But those tasty CAPs on Bryant are still my fave.

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Nick! You had better get your rounded font out now before the fashion trend is over.

It's finished. Just fine-tuning the marketing plan.

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This might well be genius. VAG, AG Rounded, Helvetica Rounded, etc. get their most of their personality from the round corners, so none really stands out to anyone who isn't a fan of German cars. Gotham Rounded is going to look SO much cooler.

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Not a big fan of rounded fonts but I love Gotham. Hmmm what to do?!?! When is the slab serif version coming out? ;-)

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I fulfilled my rounded font urge with Omnes by Joshua Darden.

[Edit: That didn't really answer your question, Stephen. I'd say that based on the popularity of Gotham it could be very popular. However, the fact that the rounded (aka Web 2.0, as you mentioned) look has been around for a while perhaps it won't be quite as hot as the parent. I like how you identify it as a draftsman alphabet, it is very straight forward and perhaps that will be one thing it has over the other rounded sans available. Either way, the market is saturated, IMHO, and perhaps this completes it. (Although I see Nick has something coming out so perhaps I should hold my tongue.)]

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It's all swooshy sometimes and yet strangely more rational looking than the others. But Hmmmm - yes. I like it too. It's very worthy.

But just you wait wait til Nick comes to town. Then its all over. Haven't you noticed the funky & free feeling it that 'NS'? There is more to it than that - but I ain't a-tellin'. No.

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Mention of a 'funky and free feeling' makes me wonder if it might be a lovely rounded version of my old favourite Fonteseque? Please????

A girl can dream!

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I think it would be nice in a flair version

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Fontesque does scream out for a lovely contexually driven PRO version - doesn't it?

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I'm waiting for someone to invent Fractal Magic Digi-Gro Font Food™ -- just sprinkle and watch the flairs sprout.

But seriously, I have been intending to make OT versions of my back catalog, but new designs and commissions keep getting in the way. Not to mention yakking on Typophile.

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Yeah T is dangerous. Congrats on the commissions.

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i'm afraid Gotham Rounded will just give the already-prevalent rounded sans trend a boost. I've wanted to do a small article for you on this trend, but i've been too busy walking the talk to write anything, sorry. :(

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What is the gist of the walk? Will you clue us in?

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Do you mean working on the wiki?

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walking the talk

Hombre is wrangling a few beziers, I'd say.

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yes, that's it, nick. but i came back to this thread to say that what we REALLY need now is Gotham Rounded Hairline

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