A Cheshire Cat and Helvetica walk into a bar...

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Happy Birthdays to Cheshire Dave (come back to us!) and Massimo Vignelli.

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He's gone to Hollywood by now. Too good for us type nerds. :-)

(Happy Birthday, Chesh, wherever you are!)

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Best wishes, Mr. Chesh!

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Happy Birthday, Cheshire!

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Yeah, where the hell is he? Happy birthday, cat.

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Happy Birthday Dave
Happy Birthday Massimo


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Thanks so much, all! I'm not gone, I've just been buried under two theatre jobs. Plus I have an intern, so I can't surf at work as much as I used to -- gotta set a good(ish) example... Don't worry, I'm spreading the gospel of responsible typography out here!

I miss you folks and am making sure to get to TypeCon this year.

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Yey! Chesh is going to be at TypeCon!!!

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