(x) A typeface so nondescript I'm having trouble identifying - Gotham {Iran Narges}

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It's not Neutraface. Not Engravers Gothic. Not Blair. Not Gill Sans.

Any ideas?

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Looks like it could be Gotham Medium?

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Right as rain.

This site rocks! Thanks for your guidance.

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Ha! Nice :-)

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I wouldn't say Gotham is nondescript.

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It is! That's its beauty.

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Hmm. I guess I use the word nondescript to describe fonts that are boring. If I alter my usage, then yes, Gotham doesn't call a lot of attention to itself and yet maintains a certain amount authoriy. So, ok ok, yes Gotham is nondescript.

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Yum. I love Gotham. I can't believe anybody would call it boring.

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No offense to Gotham or its makers. I love the face as well. In this limited context, I simply didn't recognize it. By "nondescript" I meant that it lacked any distinguishing features that could be used in an online search of most font sources. You're right, Stephen. The beauty of Gotham is in its understated simplicty.

Thanks again, all.

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