Looking for scripts similar to the Saks Fifth Avenue

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im new to the forum. i have been reading for a while.
i was wondering if anyone can tell me what has been used in this logo?


thanks in advance!

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Custom Designed by Tom Carnase. See Here.
- Lex

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thanks. guess i should have looked a little harder.

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Better yet, look what's been done to the original Carnase logo:


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Marty - That is the link I posted!

- Lex

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These greyish blue links are really hard to see. O:^)

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BTW Do you need something similar, or does your search end here?

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That original logo is pretty ropey upon close inspection.

Nick Cooke

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The new Saks Fifth Avenue type layout seems so corporate -- it is cold and lacks the personality of the former logos. Maybe they want something to reflect how it feels when you go inside to shop?

I love the one from 1955. It's so, so... European, fun and playful. Or maybe, I'm just so familiar with it, as the 50s were a time for me to play in Saks and get invited to their Christmas parties for employees' children...

With lettering like they want this January - well, they might as well be a bloomingdale's.

And Sakro - please answer Bald's question. Are you looking for a similar font - because a few of us are brave enough to start looking for one for you.

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i would like something similar... sorry for not getting right back.
i really like what pentagram has done. it's still very recognizable.

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any luck anyone?

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Heh. First we offer our help and then nobody responds anymore. :^P

We would need one of the script experts to look at your sample. You can do some of your own research using Mike Yanega's impressive Script Font Identification Guide. With its accompanying Script Font Reference List, it covers over 3,000 Script and Hand-drawn fonts. It's a very valuable visual reference tool, which allows you to find about any script known to man in a number of handy categories.

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cool, i'll check it out.

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found lots of things i like but no go on the saks style i was looking for.

thanks for the input everyone

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