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I am designing a wine bottle label for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary for Orlando Young Professionals. I am donating this for free. I am looking for some kind of font that would look good for the 10th Anniversary section of the label that goes with the OYP logo. I have attached the logo in PDF format. If you could help I would much appreciate it!

OYP logo.pdf (7.0 k)

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I don't think your fonts were embedded in your PDF. It's all coming out as Arial.

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Shaun, post a gif or jpg or a url.

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It is a sad logo...I did not do it. Here you go!

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The O is a bit of a stretch.

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Stretched type... a typographic sin.
Kerning needs some work. "Y" should be optically centered between "O" and "P. Consider the space (between "O" and "P)
in volume, not distance when centering. "Group" should be centered under "leadership". Best advice....Hit delete and start over....

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Okay, the fonts were right.

Maybe you should ask them if you can redo their logo before you design a wine bottle to go with that. It's...well, it's pathetic.

Looks like someone made it in Word.

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Lets assume Shaun's hands are tied and he must use this, somewhat as is. Shaun try a script or an italic for the 10th anniversary and place in the elongated O. Another thought is use the Roman Numeral X for 10 and Something in all caps for Anniversary in a Chunky Serif to contrast with the logo, ala Super Bowl look. Along the same line look at the X as in OSX from Apple its very stylizied and might be a direction for you to look into.

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Thanks Dan, I will try those ideas.

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Rough assignment. You may want to take it this direction. Or this (muhahahahaha):

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