Choz Cunningham

From a background of narrative visual arts, Choz has developed a passion for type design, and is the founder of !Exclamachine Type Foundry. He designs commercial and freeware faces. Choz is dedicated to moving display and experimental faces forward with modern type features and cultural relevance. He seeks to cultivate an appreciation for the application of display type amongst not only the trained designer, but the everyday artist, artisan and visual hobbyist. Popular releases include the "grunge font" !Sketchy Times, casual script !PaulMaul, and a revival of J. B. Silvestre's 1843 ornamental alphabet as the Creative Commons font !Limberjack.

When not designing or marketing type and alphabet-related products, he paints, writes, reads /., restores classic cars and drinks coffee.

"Choz" rhymes with "Jaws" and "Oz". It is a nickname.

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