First fonts from Autodidakt

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Hi all Typophiles,

Having just released my first three commercial fonts at Veer as part fo their Umbrella Type Library. I thought I celebrate it (other than drinking beer) by giving a little teaser here. The fonts are Navelfluff, Trentor and Trentor Script.

More of the fonts can be seen at my studio’s webpage, Autodidakt or at Veer.

Currently I’m working on several other projects, which hopefully can be spotten in the near future aswell.

Thanks all you guys who helped me with all my stupid questions I had along the way, producing these fonts :)


Göran Söderström

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Bravo Goran!


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Lovely work, Göran. Well done!

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Congrats, Goran!

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And, Chris, you’ve been very helpful you should know.

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Thanks Goran and many folks here have been helpful to me as well.


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