Typeface Design course, Art Center at Night

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Typeface Design course, Art Center at Night

This spring, Hrant Papazian will again be offering Introduction to Typeface Design (E/402) through Art Center College of Design’s Art Center at Night program. This 14-week course will be held at the new “Windtunnel” South Campus (950 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena) on Thursday nights from 7 to 10 pm, beginning January 19th and running through April 20th.

From the Catalog:
Nurture a deep appreciation for typography through the exploration of classical and experimental letterform design. This new course offers a thorough understanding of the theory behind typography and will examine the philosophies of letterform design, the motivation for creating new fonts, the difference between lettermaking disciplines (e.g. calligraphy, lettering) and type design. Using Font Lab, hand-drawn, traced, and digital letterforms will be compiled into working typefaces. Projects will first emulate existing letterforms and then move into the beginning designs for a new typeface, complete with the application of spacing/kerning, test sheets and a simple specimen. Prerequisite: Form + Letterform, or Typography 1 or by permission of an Art Center counselor.

Since type design can be a highly personal thing for many people, the emphasis on individual attention will be a central part of this course. Students will be encouraged to start their own journey towards a hobby or a career in the craft of type design, exploring their talents and refining their skills. Please contact me directly to get a copy of the full syllabus.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students.

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