Indesign CS2 Parisine .otf Ligature issues

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Hi all you typelovers.

Well i'm having a strange problem.
At work we used to work with the .ttf Parisine (from Porchez).
I bought last year the .otf version and from this day on i'm having strange problems.
There i go:

First, i'm working on a 2ghz Core Duo Intel iMac with Mac OSX.4.8.
I removed the .ttf Parisine, so there is just one Parisine active and this is the .otf

What happens is that, let's say i worked on a catalogue, text is set in Parisine .otf, everything's fine...
Then the next day, i open up my document to continue and the text is full of ligatures that i did not want and were not there befor.
Everywhere the ct and st ligatures and on top of this all the dubble o's like in "books" are replaced by a ? in a square.
Hmm does anybody had this befor?
Even if i select all the text and uncheck the ligature option in the characters palette nothing changes.
Sometimes i just close the document and Indesign and just reopen it and everything is fine again but that works like 1/20.

Also i'm not the only one having this problem here at work.

Where can this come from?

Thanks a lot for any help,


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Oki i found following post at Adobes' someone having the same problem as i do:

And here same problem but no clue:

I use Fontbook but as for now i copied the Parisine otf files to
library/application support/adobe/fonts
rebooted indesign and my document is fine again.

I don't know if this will help permanently or just till the next reboot so i'm always happy to get some hint on what may cause this ligature problem.


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You might be having a problem with your font cache files.

Search your harddrive for files named: AdobeFntXX.lst
(The XX will be a number, say "11" or "07".)
Throw these files away and restart your computer.

Important: DO NOT DELETE files named: AdobeFnt.db.

If you are still having problems, you might want to contact M. Porchez directly; this might be an issue which he is familiar with, and if it isn't, I'm sure that he would like to know about your experiences.

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Village is doing a good suggestion to contact us directly.

But, the main problem I see behind this cache problem, is that Mr "Butter" is not on our list of client for Parisine PTF (OpenType version).

So, we perhaps don't fill out correctly our databases of sales, on this case, it can be good if Mr "Butter" can help on that.

Then, we will be happy to sorted out the problem, what ever it is.

PS. We never sell any TrueType versions of any retail fonts, so Parisine in TTF is a stranger for us…

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I got the same problem with different typefaces, so the problem does not com from Parisine. I have posted about it on the Adobe forums and the InDesign Talk list. Throwing away font caches did not solve it. At this day, the ONLY way was to discard the user account and to recreate it.

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Hi, have been busy for the last year but just wanted to straighten this out.

Jean-François i/we really bought the Parisine otf, client name should be Mudam Luxembourg.
As i used the museums cc card u won't find a Mr. Butter in your database :p

Meilleures salutations,


PS. Problem solved long time ago, no idea how tho.

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This is so hilarious - - designer is accused of piracy and false name by paranoid foundry - - comes back more than a year later to clear his name. Too busy -- like most GDs -- to worry about this kind of thing.

Anyway, "El que le roba a un ladrón tiene cien años de perdón".

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