Knubbel (workingtitle) - humanist sans

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Hello everybody

These are the first sketches on a humanist sans. Its my first try on a sans serif non-display-font and I would like to know if you like it before I go on with it.



001.pdf16.31 KB
002.pdf17.89 KB
test - old and new E.pdf34.35 KB
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I think your s needs to stay off the beer, it’s about to fall over! ;^)

I’d straighten it up (anticlockwise) a tad.

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I think this could benefit from loosening up the straight lines and giving it some more "flair." It just seems too stiff for a humanist.

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Thanks for your hints Matthew and Conor. I will try what you suggested and loose the letters a bit. I have uploaded a new PDF where I changed some letters. I think the s isnt drunken anymore. Also I extended the descenders a bit, and made some minimal changes on some letters.
I will post a new update when Im ready with loosening some letters.

best wishes:


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I see some pretty loose kerning, though ;) Some uneven, too.

But it does show up great at small sizes.

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I adore what you're doing here with height; the difference between I and l works very well, and the massive x-heights make the dots over i and j seem to hover in a way that's very warm and uplifting. The w is gorgeous, but I guarantee you that someone will use it in a typography book as an example of a serifed letter in a sans-serif font.

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I uploaded a new PDF. Its a test in which direction i should go. The new E looks more written/rough. Please tell me what you tinhk of it, or how to improve it. I am not very glad of it yet, but I have to go to bed now. Its 6 o clock in the morning.

So: Goodnight! :)


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Yum... Slightly splayed. I wonder how it would affect the type when printed small. I bet it's going to cause some "there's something different about this sans, but I don't know what it is" reactions :)

Personally, I haven't encountered something like this recently, so it's a refreshing direction.

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This reminds me of the vinyl sign someone posted a while ago from the Seattle Space Needle... except in a good way. It's got a very cool Zapf/Chappell vibe to it, but it still seems fresh. I can't decide whether I like your old 'E' or new 'E' better - they both look great.

I agree that the kerning needs tweaking, but since it's a work in progress, you probably know that already.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.

- Lex

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I havent noticed the seattle signage thread. Very funny. But i hope that you dont want to say that my letters are such amateurish like these are :(


I think I will go for the new style. I could try making an other Version later.

After you are the second person that mentioned it: No I havent done the kerning yet :) the letters were just a early vectorised version of my idea how the letters could look. I will take notice on the kerning later when I made the whole alphabet.

Goodnight to you all

best wishes: Steven

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oh I read over it

This reminds me of the vinyl sign someone posted a while ago from the Seattle Space Needle…except in a good way


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I recognised that it takes longer than expected to modify my letters. Sadly I havent got much time to work on it, but please dont forget my thread and keep answering what you think about it, or what is wrong with it.

please :)

Greetings: Steven

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I'm liking this one very much. The shapes look like they have been given a lot of thought; the changes in line-direction, subtle curves...
Don't have real critiques on it, to be honest.

Hope you will post updates once you have any. :)

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I want updates! ;)
I totally like this design.

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