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i need help identifying this font. can anyone please help me? thank you in advance.


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Kimberley by Ray Larabie has some similarities


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thanks for the suggestion! i appreciate it.

any others?>

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It looks like "Continuum" but I cannot find and online sample at the moment. I will get one and post it shortly.

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No, not Continuum. I checked at home and the crossbar on the "e" is at an angle. Will not match your sample. Sorry for the confusion.

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That's what I call a thorough investigation.

Good work, Yves!

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thanks guys! you are all great. i REALLY appreciate it. means much to me. =)

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I might have a lead. I'll let you know next week if it was solid.

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It was. ;)

The typeface you're looking for is Paratype's Magistral Extra Bold,
"designed at ParaGraph in 1997 by Andrey Kryukov and Dmitry
Kirsanov. Based on the artwork of Moscow graphic designer
Andrey Kryukov. For use in advertising and display typography."

I hope I'm not too late, Bill...

With thanks to Niki Desiron at Duval Guillaume Antwerp.They
used the typeface for the new logo and all the advertising for my
favourite radio station. I recognized the face from this sample
on the new billboards, and Niki was so kind to reply to my e-mail.

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Never give up! ;)

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