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This font is based upon early 20th century "Business Penmanship." Since there are few monoline, semi-casual, connected scripts out there I believe this font could fill a gap.

The lowercase is still rough, but so far it is looking promising.

I'm planning on including OpenType features such as ligatures, swashes, and alternates.

Any comments?

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Certainly more business-like than Handsome Pro Thin by Nick Shinn

I like both.

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It looks good! But as you might experienced it's very difficult to connect letters with round terminals without overlap. With the use of ligatures you can both avoid this problems and add a more idiosyncratic look to the typeface.

Just an idea.


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Dino, I am planning on making ligatures, but I have not fully thought out the game plan yet.

I figure as long as the paths are all the same direction, overlapping shouldn't be too much of an issue. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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Overlapping has got to be the soul of script fonts. There's nothing wrong with it in my estimation.
Critiquing, then--
-the a seems a little malformed when inside of a word. I think it's that the bowl is tilted less than the stem.
-n probably too wide.
-The little loop in b, o, w, and v ought to be similar, but if you don't want them all identical (after all, it is a handwriting font), at least change the loop on the o. It's too small, so it shows up as a large glob. Either make it bigger like the b's or close it like the v's.
-outstrokes on u and x don't flow as well as the others.
-possibly the top of c could come farther right, and maybe open e up some?
-the right stem of the y should be more like the u's.

This is very precise and nice, and it must have been tough to think at times with such a steep slant, but you seem to have made it work nonetheless very well. Good job on this.

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Thanks for the crit, No.3.

I had the same thoughts about the o's loop. I'll probably make it a bit smaller so it closes up. On thicker weights, it would have closed up anyway.

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Definitely room for this in the market. Nice work, Matthew.

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That's very nice Matthew, it defintely meets a gap in the market; monoline scripts that flow beautifully.

It looks 'formal' but not too stiff. Lots of ligatures will make it more convincing - especially when duplicate characters appear together.

I've just completed an OT script with a few features, so get in touch if you have any questions.

Nick Cooke

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Hi Matthew
I m in love of that idea, I m almost finished with a same style monoline script. Its OpenType too and will have a sympathique use in the numbers.

Ale Paul

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Man, Ale. Looks like you are further along than I am. You may beat me to the market. ;-)

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