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hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum.

i'm working on a portfolio for my applications to grad school for graphic design, but my background is in architecture. i need some guidance on which font to use for my name. my goal is to convey a focused sense of simplicity and intelligence that is personalized enough to be memorable. so far i've narrowed it down to minion pro and perpetua for the name, and myriad pro light for portfolio 2007.

if anyone has any other font/kerning suggestions, i'd appreciate the help. thanks a lot.

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Between these two, I'd go with Perpetua. Might want to kern the "Der" closer. Other than that, it looks pretty crisp and clean. Also, I might right align the "Portfolio 2007".

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Amen to the right-alignment. I would also try moving "Portfolio 2007" up a tad closer to your name.

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I am almost tempted to advise pairing Perpetua with Gill Sans Light :)

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For the Perpetua version I would kern De, Po, ol and 07 a touch tighter. You could tie the two elements a bit more, if it remains ranged left, think about aligning the P with the stem of the D rather than mathematically flush to the serif, and either reducing the size to the width of Derek or using ’07 rather than 2007 and enlarging it.

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thanks for the help so far.

if i right align 'portfolio 2007', should the end of the 7 line up with the serif or stem of the n. also, what about the width of 'portfolio 2007' in relation to my name?

is the spacing better here?

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Stem, in my opinion.

The width of 'Portfolio' is no problem and the spacing is perfect, but the space between 'Derek' and 'Chien' needs to be closer.

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> if i right align ‘portfolio 2007’, should the end of the 7 line up with the serif or stem of the n.

Stem is better than serif, but even better is to visually align it. The point of the 7 will actually point out a slight amount beyond the point you aling on.

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