"Jersey" wide 50s connected script

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Could any of you identify this font? Actually, I know you can. You do it all the time! I'm constantly amazed.

I thought it was Magneto, but nope.

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Are you sure it isn't a grossly flattened/widened Magneto? That was my first impression, based on the r, s and e shapes, trying to imagine them really crushed flat.

I will keep looking though.

- Mike Yanega

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I'm gonna have to go with Mike on this one. the e, r, s and even the y have characteristics of Magneto just altered (and poorly) the J is simplistic enough that it could have been hand crafted.

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I checked all the 'chrome-style' connected scripts I know and I came back to the idea that it has to be a brutal modification of Magneto. Look at the Superbold Extended version and consider it a starting point for a rather grotesque distortion. The J is a new drawn letter,and the others are so mutilated that they might as well be.

- Mike Yanega

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That's exactly what I thought until I was playing around with Magneto in Illustrator. The J's aren't even close. Of course, the J could have been substituted, but I also noticed a difference in the e's as well. They too, could have just been altered along with the y.

I just wanted to make sure.

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WOW! You guys are so good and fast! I couldn't even post my response before the two of you posted!

Thank you very much, btw.

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I think this is probably not based on Magneto. It could just be custom type. Where (and more importantly when) is the sample from?

- Lex

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I found it on a sports collecting card from Asia. I couldn't tell you when (I'm assuming by when, you mean what period, correct?)

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