Whats type would you suggest for a Book and or a Magazine's body text?

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Any suggestions welcome, and describe why the font is good/perfect for a book's or magazine's body text. I've used Scala...maybe a little too much.


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depends on the scope of the book/magazine. are you speaking in general? or do you have specific project in mind?

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Some might say that Scala is good for book and/or magazine work because it has good body weight and x-height, as well as low-contrast.

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Speaking in general or something that worked for you and the client.
I'm a bit obsessed with typefaces, no really obsessed like an addiction to certain drug substance. I always go a full circle in a fontbook and end up using Scala again just wasted lots and lots of time.

Indeed Miss Tiffany Scala does.

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If you like Scala, try perhaps Nexus, Seria, Dante, PMN Caecilia, TheSerif.

If you want to branch out, there are a gazillion fonts that work beautifully for body text, too many to list here. Depends on the job.

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Ah yes, i am very found of PMN Caecillia, also Quadraat, TheSerif and Dolly, but not one of my clients ever gave a go-ahead on Dolly.(yet!)

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Some of my favorites (in no particular order):

DTD Erwin Text ( :) ), Plantin, ITC Golden Cockerel, Hoefler Text, Aldus, Nofret, Stempel Schneidler, Adobe Caslon, Adobe Jenson, Dante, Poppl Pontifex, Kinesis, Albertina, STF Serapion, Sabon, Adobe Garamond, Stempel Garamond, Monotype “Garamond” (Jannon), Simoncini “Garamond” (Jannon), Monotype Baskerville, Monotype Walbaum, STF Jannon, STF Biblon, STF Baskerville, STF Walbaum, Apollo, Berling, Cloister, Minister, Minion, FB Hightower Text, ITC Mendoza, ITC Esprit, Bitstream Arrus, Monotype Bulmer, Kepler, Linotype Really, Fairfield (Medium), Georgia, FB Miller, Berthold Bodoni Old Face, Berthold Bodoni Antiqua, ITC Bodoni, HTF Didot, Clarendon, Belizio, Linotype Marathon, Amigo & Pelican, Fournier, Galliard, Joanna, Linotype “Janson” (Kis) and FF Scala.

I'm sure I left out a few. :)

David Thometz

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Adobe Garamond. My favorite, hands down.

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One of my magazines is is Optima - it gets more letters per line and is readable...
works well with automobiles...

another one has all editorial in Avant Garde...

I guess I prefer the clean look of san serif for magazine layout.

If you are going for book layout - I'd stick with the serif faces... easier for the average Joe to read. I can remember Baen Books searching for the perfect font - they decided it was the exclusive NY Times body copy font... so they settled for Caledo -- Alphatype's version of Caledonia.

Best of luck - and let's see some of the layout in the future.

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Generally my font selections for a particular book are relegated by a required character per pica due to some page count issue. When given carte blanche I tend to ponder and drool like a kid at Baskin Robbins, and generally (eventually) settle on chocolate I mean, an old favorite like ITC Garamond, Caslon, Monotype Janson or (especially) ITC Bembo. Sometimes I get wild and specify Electra. If I do acquire a new favorite, I tend to use it until I burn myself and everyone in the studio out on it.

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Thank you for sharing people, i have noted most of which i was unaware of.

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