Leitura Type System from DSType

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DSType presents Leitura Type System, a new typeface by Dino dos Santos, specially designed for editorial purposes. Download the PDF specimen from our website.

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Dino, don't be so modest -- include a link to your gorgeous new site!


Leitura looks great, btw. Love the Headline version.

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And for the really dim (me), the downloads are under Info.


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This is a beautiful family Dino! Congrats.

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Thanks for the links and the opinions!
Leitura is a work in progress and maybe later I'll release a Leitura Slab with less contrast.


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I recently purchased Andrade Pro and I love it. This looks awesome also. With complete families at around $100-$200, they're great values for unique typefaces.

Thanks Dino!

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Glad you liked Andrade Pro. When you use it, send me a picture of your work to put in my showcase.


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The 50% off deal at Myfonts is the kicker. I had to buy Leitura Sans, because it is awesome! I've been looking for a great humanistic sans to complement my collection of classic serifs, and the lower case "a" really does it for me in this series.

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