INDESIGN CS3 - OpenType Features?

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Of round about 50 OpenType Features Adobe InDesign CS2 supports about 16. Does anybody know if the planed InDesign CS3 release will support more?

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I believe that the OpenType capabilities of CS3 have yet to be released. All the info on ID CS3 available can be found here. But I am interested -- what are some of the features that ID lacks?

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@ auricfuzz

Here below all Indesign CS2 OpenType Features:

  • Discretionary Ligatures
  • Fractions
  • Ordinal
  • Swash
  • Titling Alternates
  • Small Caps
  • Slashed Zero
  • Stylistic Sets
  • Superscript / Superior
  • Subscript / Inferior
  • Numerator
  • Denominator
  • Tabular Lining
  • Proportional Oldstyle
  • Proportional Lining
  • Tabular Oldstyle
  • Default Figure Style

  • And here the Features OpenType offers:

    OpenType Features

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    It also supports "Caps to small caps" (c2sc) and "case" (case).

    You get c2sc combined with Small Caps when you click on "All Small Caps"

    "case" is implemented by "All Caps".

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    Thanks, Arno. I never knew how many features there are. I'd love to see automatic Capital Spacing, for example, so I'm with you now.

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    I’d love to see automatic Capital Spacing

    this can be built into the case feature, which is currently supported as Nick described above.

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    Oh. I stand corrected. Since my pseudo-obscure mention of a feature didn't work out, I'd love to see contextual petite cap swashes and randomized nukta forms. Is that so much to ask?

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    Actually, InDesign supports 'cpsp' (capital spacing) and 'case' alternates, both of which are activated by clicking on "all caps" formatting.

    InDesign also supports 'kern'. :)

    However, everyone who knows the answer to your question about CS3 features is under a nondisclosure agreement with Adobe and can't talk about it yet. In my case, it's part of my employment contract.



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    Miguel is really gettin' around tonght! :-)


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