App that scans and trashes corrupt font files?

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I have spent an embarrassing number of hours today printing out type specimen pages.

The utility I'm using, FontVista, crashes everytime it encounters a bad font file. I've been collecting fonts since 1992-- so needless to say, it's been crashing a lot!

I would like to find some automated way to scan and trash these bad font files. I've been trying to use Suitcase Fusion for the task but, to my knowledge, it only scans and identifies (albeit cryptically) corrupt files. I then have to search my hard drive for the suitcase name, e.g. "BTDem" and "RegNor" and hope it turns up. Blech! There's got to be an easier way! If you know of any, please share your wisdom. Thanks!


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Why not use Suitcase for your specimen pages?

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>crashes everytime it encounters a bad font file.

There are many shades of gray between 'good' and 'bad' fonts, most fonts are in between, and even the definition of 'good' is open to interpretation. So finding the fonts that crash the app may not be that easy.

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Stephen, I haven't read the Suitcase manual cover to cover of anything but I think you can only print out one font per page when printing specimen pages in Suitcase, right?

I've been using FontDoctor for the past day, since I posted this original message. It's a slow, slow process but hopefully it'll fix things so at least FontVista won't crash.

Would anyone here know the reason why FontVista would print the default font (an Arial-looking thing) instead of displaying the real font on specimen pages? This is happening with about 5% of my fonts, including all my Emigre fonts. I checked the font folders and both the PostScript and bitmap files are in there. Until I hear back from FontVista tech support or find an answer here it's all a mystery!?

Organizing/fixing fonts for nearly 20 hours now and counting,

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Sounds like a question for the FontVista developers.

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