Typeface critique: rounded sans-serif

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Hello fellow typophiles,

I've been working on this for a little while, and thought I would post it for some feedback.

It's called 'Router,' and it's based on a sign that I saw in the subway which was carved out of plastic with a rotating engraver.

I used that source as inspiration to create this monoweight font that has some quirky characters in unexpected places.

I am also developing an italic, and will probably do a light version as well as a bold.

I think it will work well at a display level, and also for text (that's my hope).

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Bon appetit!


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Well done, Jeremy. There is a big market for this stuff.

- Watch for heavy spots where curves meet stems, such as in the 'r' and cleavage of the 'B', unless you want to make that part of the font's character.

- The top of the 'S' curve needs a little help.

- The 'R' will need an alternate without the little foot, as the rest of the caps are so unadorned.

- Consider an alt single-story 'a'.

- Great '8'. Did you get lucky with the source, or was that your idea?

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The ‘8’ really stood out for me too. Overall, I like the direction. Good work.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Yes, the 8 was one of the original features that inspired me to make the font. I'll post the source photo later...


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I feel like r, t, t, f, and j are all too narrow for easy identification, as well as for consistency with the rest of the letters.

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The r, t, f, j are definitely unorthodox, but I think they are what gives this font its character. And I think they read pretty well in the pdf specimen, don'tcha think?

Here is the source photo:

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This is where alternates come into play. One font can be the strict revival, another contains regularized forms. Some settings will benefit from the quirky stuff, while others call for something more traditional and legible.

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