Wiki suggestion: Create a timeline by adding year pages.

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I have a suggestion for the type Wiki; create pages for years and within the page, list typographically significant events for that year. This would be an easy way to store all those little historical details that pop up in discussions, eg. 1815 would include “Egyptian, believed to be the first sans-serif typeface, released by William Caslon IV.” Perhaps later some sort of scraper could be used to create a timeline site or dump it all out to a book after it's had a few years of correcting and filling out.

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Why don't you do that?

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Yes. It could actually make for a good school project, also an impressive extracurricular activity to list on your resume. No doubt you would certainly gain something from doing it.

I have seen quite a few creation dates/designer backgrounds for various fonts on the major type vendors' sites.

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here's a start: Chronology

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Why don’t you do that?

I plan to! I just thought that I'd ask first and make sure that I'm not screwing up someone's plans or work.

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