A logot-type need a pro's advice/critques

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This type is designed based on an existing typeface.
However i have been in to type design for a months, nearly a year, not schooled
but self study/exploratory, thus for more confidence i need your professional advice how to fix things and maybe how this will work better when printed.

I thank you!

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In the small version atleast, the contrast on the "O" seems too big. Also, the kerning between "RO" and "OF" is a bit too wide.

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the "O"'s contrast i noted before whats the best way to fix this?
and are there anything else?

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The distance between the P and the R is slightly too big as well IMHO, but do the spacing around the O first and see if it still is. Try squinting while looking at the logo and see if it "breaks up" into separate words, if it does, the letters where it breaks up are too far apart compared to the others. Also try turning it upside down, sideways, looking at it from at great distance etc., helps you see kerning problems.

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This is the updated version from suggestions posted here by WouterSpaak and Termopolium, I also decreesed the Cap-height by a few mm's makes the type more fuller. Here it is:

I feel a bit bothered by the FEY maybe its just the Y tough cap.

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Another update, again decreesed the spaces between the PR, OF, and EY.
Also raided the stem of the Y just above the what-you-call-it...the mid cross bar of the letter E and as you might notice, the logotype will be registerd after a few rounds at the table to discuss it, so your input will be highly appreciated. Thanks and let me know.

Happy new year!

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I would recommend that you revert to the kerning in your previous post for the RO space it is so tight on the smaller version that the bowl of the R is almost touching. The angled stroke of the P and R seems to be a touch clumsy where the curve meets the straight it perhaps needs to be thicker.

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Thank you for your suggestions timd!
I have somewhat reverted the kering for the RO space and thickened the angled stroke for the P and R, not too much otherwise i will lose the contrast there.

Also some of the pixels on the smaller version of the logo are not on a pixel but a halfpixel which causes the fuzziness and makes them look like their touching. like the backs of the F of the smallest example of logotype in the image below.

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Any last advices/critiques?

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