Agara Black Italic

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dear typophiles!

i'd like to show you my new display type project:
it is bold, rough and vivid.
i've draw already all-slavic cyrillics and all-european latins.
i like it and please tell me what do you think about them.

thank you!

picture is here:

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andrij, as with all your work, i think this is great! the letters are indeed very lively. i think we'd need to see more text set to see if the latin portion really holds together. it looks a bit gappy in places, but it's hard to tell what's causing this without more to look at.

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paul, thank you!
please look on sample with small text in 24 and 36pt here:

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i guess this font probably just needs some kerning (which i'm guessing is currently missing). the "it" combination was the only real troublesome gap i noticed in your set text. "ij" was also a problem in your initial image as were "uv". it seems like the serifs/strokes or whatever they are are a bit too large in places, but that is part of what gives this such great character. maybe the design needs to be regularized a bit to reduce this problem? contextual alternates might be another way to solve some of these spacing issues. or again, maybe it's just kerning...

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This is a great design that just seems to smile up at you! Where characters in Agara really fit together well it looks great; t followed by h, i followed by n.

Here are my nitpicks:

There's a big gap showing up between l followed by a or d, and the space after the apostrophe is pretty distracting, especially with the spacing before the apostrophe being to tight. It seems like theres a much bigger gap following h and n than there is following m, it might just be an optical trick.

I'm also not to hot on that z dipping under the baseline. It's a pretty letter, but I could see a lot of designers redrawing it just ao that it doesn't stand out. I wouldn't get rid of it, but it would probably be a good idea to have an alternate that fits better with everything else.

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top of main stem in "d" unfortunately seems cutted...

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thank you paul,
thank you jpad,
thank you henyk!

i add a bit of kerning, and make alternative -z-.
i think i'd like some gapping with this letters.
please look here:
and i am so sorry for big delay.

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I hadn't seen this - very charming!
You have a great touch.


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thanks hrant!
now i've start to draw light face too

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Agara released as 'Agarsky' at myFonts:
cyrillic & latin

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