Ars talks font management

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Very in-depth review of Mac OS font managers -

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Thanks Si. The difficulty with reviewing font managers is that the verification and activation of fonts is too complex for a simple "clean system" testing. The app that works best for your needs will only prove itself after weeks or months of use. The reviewer may not run into auto-activation issues that affect the type of fonts you install or apps you run. So any such analysis ends up being an overview of each manager's features and surface benefits and shortcomings. This review does that quite well, but the only way to thoroughly test a manager in your workflow is to run it yourself for a good chunk of time.

General stability is always the top priority for me when it comes to font management. Does it do what it's supposed to do with as little fuss as possible? This is why I recommend FontAgent Pro (deemed "rock solid" in the review) to most professionals. Its interface is definitely not as slick as Font Explorer X, but It's served me well for over three years.

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A very cool review, but I was surprised to see all those stability issues with Font Explorer and none with suitcase; for me it was always the other way around. Not that I don't have similar auto-activation problems, mine just don't result in indesign crashing...

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Yeah, exactly what I'm talking about. Every system and workflow is unique. Some will have stability issues with a specific font manager, while others will have none. Those who use FAP have just experienced far fewer issues on the whole.

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