Client doesn't want hyphenation

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I am a design student who does freelance work as well. I do work for a client quite often that just won't let me hyphenate anything, even when the column length is fairly short, which creates an awful rag. She says it is too hard to read. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to explain to her the importance of a clean rag, or is there anyone who knows some proven statistic that hyphenated text isn't hard to read? Newspapers hyphenate all the time. What would you do in this situation?


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true small caps

I was looking at the country abbreviations, where the small caps are set at a smaller size than the adjacent roman, and jumped to the conclusion that because they are thinner, they're faux. My mistake.

I note that you are using a double-f ligature, a very proper typographic nicety. If there's one thing that looks out of place -- even though with a specific hierarchical meaning -- it's the slanted roman. However, not an issue with your readers.

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I think you could also lose the widow in the first paragraph on page iv and therefore not have that lone line dangling at the top of the next page...

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