Generating fonts with the open contours

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Hello to all,

I am working in a "confidential" project and I need to generate a font with the open contours.
FontLab closes the contours when generating the font (in any format)...

this is possible from FontLab?

thanks in advance!

Eduardo Manso [ ]

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Why do you need to generate a font with open contours?
Sounds very interessting.


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Yes, is very interesting, but I cannot say nothing else :)
(I have signed a confidentiality contract )


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A common application of such fonts is for stroke based font formats, still popular for EA languages where file size savings are important.

In addition such formats were used in the old days for pen plotter printing devices. Similar technology is used today in engraving and lazer etching devices.

Another obsolete use of this type of font was in coin-op arcade games such as Asteroids (the first game to use Atari's "Quadra-Scan" vector-refresh technology) and Tempest.

Assuming you're producing some outlines for this type of work you might want to ask the people you're working for which tools they'd recommend.

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Hi Sii,

Yes, is "this type of work".
Macromedia Fontographer 4 will generate fonts with open contours but I work in Mac-intel and OS9 and/or Macromedia Fontographer does not work, and I preferred to work in FontLab :)
I believe that it is not possible...

thanks for your answer,


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