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hello typophile.

I want to use this typo in a poster am making for ICOGRADA design week 2007, mumbai.
am not happy with it...plz tell me whats wrong with this?
The theme for this year is DESIGN LOCAL.

design local.pdf662.56 KB
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What about it aren't you happy with? Concept? Type style? Weight? What?

I suppose there are some spacing issues, and the proximity of the 'n' and 'c' is a bit tight, but overall it's a really nice idea. I read it instantly.

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Your trying to combine one concept with a graphic that has nothing to relate it to. Make the graphics and the concept driving it relate. Whats more important the look of the type or the idea that drives the promotion? "Stops at all stations" is very weak and might not read or be held open when printing. Think about the printer putting ink to paper. He/she will give you all the posters you request but the overs might be 200%. What that means is to make that super thin type hold open 1 out of 3 posters will be good and 2 out of 3 posters will end up in the trash. A very expensive design. Your design should be more than just good looking/cleaver type design.

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The transition between curve and straight (looking at the pdf), is too abrupt, especially on the d, s* and c. I read "design logical", which I think is a product of the words being so close to each other and sharing parts of characters.

* which needs redrawing

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Its a little 'space age' mate. very 2001.

read this:

then do it again.

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