Beorcana is finally released!

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Hi Typophiles,

I'm very pleased to announce that Beorcana is finished and released: all 28 fonts. Tal Leming did the final mastering, and there were many helpful people who critiqued the shapes, diacritics and performance. It's been a ponderous undertaking. My intention was to produce a workhorse book typeface without serifs, with display variants, for general use. I think it's successful, but I'll be very interested to see how people use it; a typeface comes to life with use.

Font will be posted for sale on in mid-January. I'll be updating with more information and a better specimen PDF when I come back from vacation in January.

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Congratulations, Carl. It's a wonderful achievement.

ps. What is 'mastering'?

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Bravo Carl!


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It's gorgeous, Carl: I think I'll look around for a project to use it in as a good excuse to buy it. ;-)


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Congratulations, Carl! The hardwork has finally paid off! I also can't wait for a good excuse to buy it!

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Super, Carl Crossgrove, what a fantastic way to welcome a new year of works and passions.
Have a good rest and vacation.

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Wow — that is in my opinion one of the best typefaces released the last couple of years. I also love that it’s something that even can’t be compared with all the "look-a-likes" of the somewhat "trendy" typefaces that are released from different foundries all of the time.

This is far more unique and it’s letterforms will definately live a long life far beyond all of these trends.

I will definately remember Beorcana, and eventually buy it, as soon as I find a project to use it for.

Salutes from Sweden! Great work!

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Congratulations on finishing your undertaking! It's a gorgeous typeface, hopefully once I'm out of school I'll be able to buy it and put it to use!

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For those wanting a really good look NOW - try here:

I hope to be reading text in this soon. It's soooo comfortable.

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Congratulations, Carl! Printing the specimen right now :)

Could "mastering" mean making sure that the font naming convention, kerning table, etc. adhere to the established standard – like its term equivalent in audio recording?

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Great work, a masterpiece.


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Beorcana is a gorgeous typeface family and it will be very interesting to see how it gets used in the coming years. Can't wait!

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I just got my printed sample in the mail. The very small text is incredibly readable!


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how'd you get a printed sample, dez?

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Hello, all,

Thanks for the effusive congrats. The mastering I refer to is final testing and generation of OpenType fonts. I can do all that, but not easily or with as much confidence as Tal.

Paul, e-mail me your postal address and I'll send you a specimen poster too.

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Got mine in the mail and it's one of the best looking stressed sans faces ever. :^)

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Looks good, Carl. Congratulations!

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Nice work Carl.
Size-specific fonts in a non-serif typeface, implemented this thoroughly, is a great service to typography.

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Congratulations, Carl!!!

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I also enjoyed the story behind the name of your new achievement. Very clever!

Continue doing what you do best. Congratulations for revitalizing the display variants too!

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It's typefaces like this that keep me going. Spectacular!

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At last the epic is finished, well done Carl!

A fantastic alternative to Optima, both in personality and weights/styles. This one's going to run and run..


Nick Cooke

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It looks great


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In an email yesterday, Carl also informed me that Mundo Sans Pro is available as well.

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Beautiful. Seeing a hard copy at many weights is even more impressive than seeing it onscreen. It scales amazingly well. And, as others have noted, it really shines in very small captions...legible yet still very much itself.

Somehow, someday, I want to work with this font.

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I also can't say I've seen another full-family font quite like it. It immediately makes Optima and others of that persuasion seem dated.

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I got my hard copy today too. Superb! I can see I will be looking & learning for years to come. :-) Thank you!

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