water bottle good examples!

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could you please post good bottle (of water) ettiquettes.

Please, thanks.

p.s something luxury, modern, with good typography set.THANKS

p.p.s sorry if I posted in wrong section.

p.p.p.s happy holidays!

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um... Don't put your lips on someone else's water bottle except under the direst of necessary circumstances?

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My favorite design is Lurisia, from Italy but their site is ridiculous and I can't find the image easily, try google.

Tynant is pretty fancy:


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I like this Heidiland bottle (bought it because of the lable!). Sorry about the picture quality, i scanned it.


I also like San Pellegrino

It tastes good, too

Happy holidays, everybody!

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My favorite comment about bottled water was an ad for bottled water that claimed it had no carbs. These days it might also claim it has no transfats

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Talking about packaging design, does anyone know any good websites/blogs/portfolios about and containing good packaging design?

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