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GO is a series of cultural events presented in themes on a bi-monthly basis.
"Look East" was the last series, and included events like sushi tasting, Ikebana/Bonsai displays, and sudoku competitions. Future themes are based on time, mystery, and family.

I am the lone designer, so any feedback that would strengthen the mark I would appreciate.



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Beautiful design that the eye lingers on. Contemporary and pleasant, but not too trendy. At some spots the orange and red seem to bleed together, deforming the 'g', though that may be an artifact of my monitors' issues.

Choz Cunningham
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Interesting, but all I see when I look at the two top "heads," is a Mickey Mouse hat. Not being facetious... that's what I keep seeing.

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The curves on the bottom left of the g are not resolved. There appears to be a dent in that spot.


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Thank you for the responses. Let me work on some of your suggestions.

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A little better but still not smooth.


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I might remove the yellow entirely and leave the center figure as a negative space.

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here with the yellow out

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Seems so much better without yellow and the first thing I noticed was the Mickey Mouse head too. Sorry but just trying to give feedback.

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I like the feedback. I think the 'bump' is a result of my red and orange shape meeting. I'm still not happy with the counter of the g, and the figure's bodies. No more time until after the holidays.

Happy Holidays, folks

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I don't think the bump I see results from the orange shape. I think it is just a typical curve issue and just needs a little tender-lovin-care with quality time spent :-).


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Improvement? YES!!! I like the Yellow, but I've always been a Pennzoil fan!

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I Like the letterforms as such, except for the curve ChrisL mentioned... It's what makes a 'good' logo 'great':-)... .. But overall i like the design... Whiteshape figure is definitely an improvement.

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Hi andrew,

According to me, something is really disturbing in your overall form.
may be because of these things:

>the relative proportion of the letters "g" and "o" is not correct to me. And your "O" neither looks caps, nor looks small.

>three human figures looks they are not at their right place and there is no connectivity in the human figures and the letterforms you've used.

> yes It does gives the feeling of a festival but its a bit unbalanced.

>When the overall look of your logo is very humanistic and freehand, why the "O" is perfect circle?? As in the "O' has a regular thickness whereas "g" does'nt.( Even the inner circle of 'g')

>The stroke joining the "g" and "O" is forcefull to me.

> It looks like you've made it directly on the computer..and thats without using any existing typeface.

I liked the overall look of the logo..but still, there is a scope of further improvement.

All these were based on my personal understanding..they may be wrong also..the final call must be taken by you.

All the best.

student, graphic design

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I can't quite say if I like it or not, but it's definitely very distinctive. Nice job making something different!

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I agree the logo does suffer from inconstencies based on less time in preparatory sketch. But there is no reason to base it from existing type.

The counter of the O is a perfect circle. but so is the counter of the G. I think I may shrink the O's counter.

I am not happy with the figures yet either. Connectivity to GO? It's family programming.

I will work more after the holiday.

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Hmm... I made a post yesterday, but it seems to have been lost into the aether. Basically my two points were this:

1. I read "gb" not "go"
2. The orange is too close to the red. I'd make it more golden.

- Lex

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To me its a problem with the people on the top.
On the first look I thought the two taller ones are symmetrical, but on a closer look they actually are not. I would try to change this by either making the figures symmetrical or make clear that they are not. You should decide on that. Could do this through changing the angle of the arms or playing around with the body heights a little bit.


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Satya,I tightened the G up, and made the O smaller.
I feel it is more consistent throughout

Chris, I am not sure how to get rid of the bump.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I hope I have not ignored too much of it.

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A set of banners to hang in library atrium. 6x20 feet.

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I really like the way it turned out in the banners. Communicated the message clearly, looks good. I like the white gradient under the logo in the first banner, very clean. The only thing I severely dislike in the banners are the "Hear", "See" and "Do" colored drop-shadows. I think either a stroke, or no effects would be a lot clearer and more in line with the rest of the design. Love the 'go' now, though, I'd really stick with it.

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Sebastiaan,the banners were sent for production, but I can rethink the Hear, See, Do type for other peices. Thanks for the feedback.


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