Adobe Icons (and Robert Slimbach)

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Photoshop project manager John Nack released a picture of the new Adobe branding system for its software icons on his blog. He did this because of the many criticisms that erupted when he revealed that the Photoshop CS3 and Bridge 2.0 icons were not placeholders, but rather the planned icons.

In the post, guest writer Ryan Hicks mentions that Robert Slimbach was heavily involved in the design of the icons, lending a custom version of his upcoming typeface Gauge for the lettering. While the icons are not an ideal place to get a feel for the typeface, I thought that some around here would like what I presume is a "sneak peek" at Gauge.

Here's the color wheel of new Adobe icons (partial key: Ps=Photoshop, Ai=Illustrator, ID=InDesign, Dw=Dreamweaver, AE=After Effects, Br=Bridge, LR=Lightroom):

I'm not sure yet if I like them or not. I'm tending toward appreciating the simplicity and emphasis on type, but I did like the feathers/flowers/butterflies of yesteryear.

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The only people who used GoLive were… not competent enough at web design to realize what a turd GoLive is

Not true. GoLive actually has superior site management and planning tools. I know a few designers who start their site in GoLive, then switch to Dreamweaver for the design. Things like external css styles are much easier to manage in GoLive.

But did they buy it for that? Nah. They use it because it came with Photoshop. Otherwise they would have stuck it out with Dreamweaver.

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Why ditch a product that you can keep selling indefinitely?

MM killed Freehand around version 9 but kept selling it for years. Seems that Adobe is going to continue that.

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If you upgrade to CS2.3 Dreamweaver is part of the package. Basically I was simply saying that when InDesign hit, PageMaker become the little brother.

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Do they still even make Pagemaker?

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Why ditch a product that you can keep selling indefinitely?

Ok, now I get it.

Do they still even make Pagemaker?

I believe that Pagemaker is still sold for Windows and Solaris, but development ended years ago. The Mac version was pulled from the market because it didn't run right with under Classic mode in OS X.

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The only people who used GoLive were either not competent enough at web design to realize what a turd GoLive is, or just too cheap to buy Dreamweaver after getting GoLive as a freebie when they paid for Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop.

A full-time web design position I once held required that I use GoLive simply because that was the software the staff had been accustomed to using. I got the job after showing samples of content I had built previously using Dreamweaver.

While GoLive was not my tool of choice (I preferred Dreamweaver for several reasons), using it was a requirement, and it met their needs just fine. It had nothing to do with any level of competency at web design or me being too cheap.

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Do they still even make Pagemaker?

I've seen the Mac version of 7.0 available for folks still running OS 9 -- granted, at our U cheap-shop, it's been in the discount bin for quite some time. And I do know one of my regular printshop places still uses it from time to time.

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Put all the marketing pizazz on the packaging and ads if it sells for you, but once I have already bought the damn thing, I don’t want runnaway rainbow madness, explosion in an icon factory, visual pollution getting in the way of just using the software. Maybe some third party will come up with “Skins” for those who really can’t live without the bling—for me, I’ll take the plain letters over the present system any time.

Although I wish I could be more in agreement, I think this is well said. I couldn't help but smile when I saw the "runaway rainbow madness" and explosion/pollution descriptions. :-)

I was never thrilled with the CS/CS2 icons. I assumed the feather icon for Photoshop CS2 was a vague reference to feathered selections, but that was the closest connection to what the software does that I could make with any of the icons.

I do miss the Venus/Eye icons, as well as the collage imagery on the splash screens that served as an extended vision to the images in the icons (and in my opinion, gave hints as to what one can accomplish with the program). Of course most people here have a very strong understanding of what the tools do and don't need that reminder, but I thought they were imaginative, inspired and quite frankly fun nonetheless.

The new icons won't stop me from upgrading, by any means. :)

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Dear Robert Slimbach,
If you're reading this: Take me on as an apprentice. Between this typeface, Arno Pro, and all the rest, I figure you need to slow down and pass down your wisdom to the next generation. Don't let your knowledge disappear! Share it with me!

Or write a book on typeface design and development. That would also be cool.


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> Dear Robert Slimbach, [...] Take me on as an apprentice.

Sorry Dan, that position is already taken. You'll have to wait for the next chance :)

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Yup, between Miguel and me, I think our type design apprenticeship slots are full right now.

I'm just hoping Robert's back to work tomorrow so I can get a session of critiques in....



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Shucks. Had to try, didn't I?

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Quark VS Launches Contest to Design Alternate Adobe Creative Suite 3 Icons

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god give you BELA ... a.q. people one photoshop font koyar :D anladınızmı mallar..

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