Dot type (not dotmatrix or any matrix sort)

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Anything close to this one or similar (above is different from bellow)?
(i allready found Julian Moreys Frieze

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This has come up before .. but...

The top looks like a typeface used by Duchamp for » La mariee mise a nu par ses celibataires meme « Link recently re-brought to life by Jon Hares see also the SCHNITTPUNKT identity by Elektrosmog

The bottom is a modified version of the Tate typeface by Practise

Not, that any of that gets you any closer to an alternative.. Especially if you want one not so modular / "tech-y", and not Moreys Frieze. Sorry.

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If you are alternative doesn't have to be sans serif, i kinda like Intimo Two by Gareth Hague which is distributed through T-26.

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Thanks Zachary... that is quite some detailed insight... nice work on your site btw... the t26 one is quite nice actually though i was really looking for a clean sans...

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How about this by André Baldinger?

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