Fonts, FontExplorer X and Quark 6.5

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Has anyone had any problems with Quark 6.5 and Linotype's FontExplorer? I'm having an issue where only part of a set of fonts becomes active in Quark. The complete set is available in Illustrator and InDesign, but not Quark. What's up with that? And I'm using Quark because my client requires it, so I must figure this out.

Many thanks.

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If your problem is with a OpenType font — that issue has been covered before (and in other forums as well). Here's the gist of it: older versions of Quark do not support OpenType-faces. Only the first 256 or so glyphs are recognized. Solution: update to QXP 7 or go the Adobe route (InDesign rocks!).
Possible solution: do not use OTF but only PS (with Expert-sets).

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The problem is occurring with both OT and PS fonts. What happens is I get the Light and the Medium weights to show up, and not the Bold and Regular weights. It doesn't make sense to me.

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> I’m having an issue where only part of a set of fonts becomes active

Are these fonts something that you made or were they licensed?

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I guess you're problem is related to the way font families were merged and linked into one suitcase in the OS 9 days.
Try this to hopefully solve the problem: find your original font files (with separate suitcase files for each variant) and use those.
Or else use Font/DAMover (a Classic app!) to split up the faulty font suitcase(s) into separate suitcases for each subfamily.

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Or it can be FontExplorer's problem. I stopped using it completely. Another pile of junk on the OSX font manager heap. IMO.

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