(x) Cheesy casual slab serif script - Sixpack/Stanley {Conor, Lex}

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The blue text is driving me crazy, I've seen it, but can't ID it...arrrgghhh!!

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Looks like a Sixpack.

Might I add… that’s probably the most shameful piece of design work I’ve ever seen in my whole life… (Shudder runs down my spine)

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Oh no, I agree it's wretched....but while sixpack will do, I know I've seen a freeware version of it...I just can't figure out what it is....

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> but while sixpack will do

You’re welcome Senyor. It’s only $48 man.

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How about a $2 digitized from the original typositor font?

Check out Toledo

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> $2


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I've always known this one as Stanley.

- Lex

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Wow! Three different names…three different prices… with a possible fourth freeware version.

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Perhaps... well, yes.
It is called Jester.

It is also on Quick Brown Fox with another name.

But let us give credit to the typositor font - August (Filmotype.)

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Thanks Heron! I knew I'd seen it, I don't mind paying for fonts, but 45 bucks for one I know I've seen as freeware on a job I only get 60 for seemed a little steep...:-)

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You are most welcome.

I still cannot get over how many different names it has been given. Shows you how life is without copyright laws. Meanwhile, I'll keep using the cheesy Toledo -- I always give the $2 reference on WTF -- LOL

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"that’s probably the most shameful piece of design work I’ve ever seen"

So shameful it's almost beautiful in its own way. I'd almost call it gutsy. ;o)

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