[Project] “A Library In The Forest”

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Dear All,

Graphicus magazine invites you all to take part in the project “A Library In The Forest” (“Una Biblioteca Nella Foresta”).

In Congo-Brazzaville, in the hearth of the equatorial forest, there’s a village name Zanagà ; the inhabitants, thank to the wise guidance of young priest Don Rufin, expressed the wish of reading.
No food, no clothes or money, our African friends need books.

Who better than us, people who deal with prints and designs, can understand such a noble demand ?

If you want to contribute to the growth of “A Library In The Forest” in Congo-Brazzaville please send one or more books (secondhand texts are welcome as well) to the address underneath. The only limitation is that the books must be in French with the exception of picture/children`s books.

The books will be directly posted to Zanagà by the volunteers who take care of the project.

Thanking you all for your solidarity, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Graphicus Staff.

Via Salvator Rosa 14
20156 Milano

For more informations contact Alexia Rizzi, Editor.
Email: graphicus.age (at) gruppodg (dot) com
Voice: 0039 02 30039310

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