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I am designing a logo for a tech company and they like the design finally (after many, many tries). They like the look of the Helvetica Ultra Compressed for the "text", but I don't like the way it looks in the address line. Is there a font that looks like HUC, but has a much shorter x-height and is extended? I want to maintain the "techie" look. The client loves the o's and the basic rectangular look of the letters.

Anything that I could use to complete the look without them knowing I'm using a different font? And, please keep in mind this is only the first round of the final design, so it's still kind of rough. The address line seems to overwhelm the rest of the card and I want the rocket and the person's name to be the primary visuals. I'd prefer to fill up more of the white space on the bottom line and to give it a lighter more futurist feel.

One more thing, the t at the end of rocket is a visual irritation to me. I'm considering dropping the top of the t to the bottom of the e and moving the logic to left or just replacing it with a lowercase t. Any input?

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Hi Dawn,

If you are going for a futurist look I would stay away from Helvetica altogether. Too much of a 70s feel. There are many more sans serif fonts that would lighten up this card.

I would also look at making the address line a little bigger. Use flush left or right alignment to pull the name, title and address together.

The false small caps on "President" should be replaced with either all caps, or title case.

The problem with the E and the T is the space between the letters. Try pulling the T across and joining ET to lose this space.

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I agree with all your suggestions, however, the client doesn't want to change the format. Believe me, I've tried. This is about the 100th idea and my original format for this version was different and they changed it to the above and finally found something they "loved". So the changes I make have to be subtle or we'll be back redesigning (design by committee with a lot of A types).

But I'm not totally thrilled with it and want to add a little more class. I don't think I can change the font for "LOGIC" or the name. I tried setting the title in all caps, all lower case, upper and lower, and small caps and they only liked the above version for the title. I will try your suggestion on the ET and hope they won't notice. I truly appreciate the your input, though.

What other fonts would you suggest? Most of the other ones I've tried were too round for the client and they didn't like them. They really are hooked on the rectangular shape of the letters.

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Dawn have you looked at Agenda, it has some wonderful condensed weights.

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