Typographic magazines: Finding back-issues

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Does anyone know of good resources for finding early back-issues of typographic magazines (such as Dot Dot Dot, Eye, Emigre, and others)? Apart from ebay and abebooks, are there other resources or forums for rare issues?

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Creative Review hasw sections on typography.

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Are there resources other than the magazine websites - to find early issues that are "sold out" by Emigre, Dot Dot Dot and Creative Review? For example, where could I possibly find Emigre #1, Dot Dot Dot #1, etc?

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You're going to have to hunt. And hopefully you enjoy that hunt.

There's no single source, but bookfinder.com, which is a meta searrch engine for all the major antiquarian book searches (including abebook.com) is probably your best bet. eBay is also a necessary place to check.

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> For example, where could I possibly find …Dot Dot Dot #1

Get in line!


I’d say anything short of calling into Dexter Sinister to hassle Stuart Bailey is a fruitless search. You may be lucky.

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On a related note; while proofing a job in Berlin a couple of years ago I had a bit of free time to explore. Ended up in the Kunsthalle. Saw they had a large collection of books and magazines by the front door, naturally presumed they were for sale, saw they had issues #1, #2 and #3 of Dot Dot Dot. Strolled up to the girl at the counter to pay for them only to be told it was an archive. She sent my red-faced Irish behind back over to put them were I found them.

So I know they have them there, should you ever want to read them.

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Factoid - the complete set of EYE magazines (picture of the spines) featured in DDD issue 1 belongs to me. That has to earn me double rarity points. :-)

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By the way, in my quest for good resources for back issue of Eye and Baseline, I found this: www.centralbooks.co.uk - prices seem quite reasonable for what's available (which is a lot, but not the very earliest and rarest issues).

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Someway I misfiled Eye #3. The rest sits proudly in a bookcase next to my desk. Does anyone own a leftover #3?

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Bert - I guess that makes you Third Eye Blind?

(Wish I could help you out.)

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