Sparkle Dog Grooming - Logo concept

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I've love to get some feedback on this logo.

- Sparkle Dog Grooming is a new upmarket dog grooming busines.
- After playing around with lots of fonts i've used Goudy Old Style as I like the P, G and R.
- I've tried to give the logo an 'old world opulent feel'

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Number 2 is a bit fussy I think, number 1 has the qualities you describe. The only concerns I might have are that it puts quite an emphasis on Dog, it might be worth looking at putting Dog Grooming on one line to move the emphasis to Sparkle. And on the swashes, this is difficult to describe, the S shape where it interacts with the centre piece could slightly curve more to tie it in better, and the heavier stroke on the centre could have a little more contrast, I would also be concerned about the small chevron reproducing well at smaller sizes.


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I agree with Tim on all points, especially that chevron, and those fiddly dots and the star.

Goudy Old Style is a great font for this though: those "O"s look fabulous!

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Number 2 fits the idea better.

It looks gorgeous, but I worry that it won't work at extreme sizes. If it needs to be small ”dog” will remain readable and the rest will get too small to read, and at large sizes, “dog” might become so large that it looks silly.

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Goudy Old Style is my all time favorite typeface. So well designed, so classical - and yet, still works in a modern world.

Yes, I like your type treatment. Easy to read, I get the point - will do well on a vertical business card.

One suggestion - I feel #1 is a bit plain and #2 is a bit overdressed. Have you considered using the true Goudy period (a lovely diamond) and placing that where you put only the top star (and remove the ... and other star) -- it's only a suggestion.

I hope the client is thrilled with your final product. Good luck.

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thanks guys, much appreciated.

The Goudy period is a really nice idea, I'll give it a try.

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