First typeface critique

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Hey all- I'm workin on my first typeface (unnamed at the moment) and was wondering what you guys thought. I want it to be fun but not too crazy.

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Are you deliberately making some of the characters look like they are drawn backwards? If not, you may want to give that w a horizontal flip... it looks too much like a rotated m.

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I kinda like it. How would it be used? Ricardo is right about that w.

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I'm loving the lighter weight; I could see using it in a warm, humorous piece. Very latter twentieth-century, east-coast sort of feeling.

And that w is freaky.

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haha- I guess I'll get to work on that w.

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We'll I've tweaked it a bit- fixed the w and added a bit more quirkyness. The caps aren't looking so great on their own but look good when used along with lowercase.

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The caps have sort of a Dr. Seuss vibe to them. Very fun.

- Lex

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In my opinion caps need to be a little more stronger. At the moment they look thiner than the lowercase characters

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Cute. I think a lot of the issues with your typeface will work themselves out the further you'll get in development. Nice work.

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I does look Suessian....

Say, why not start posting some phrases imaged so we can see how it swings.

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I'm really happy with how its turning out. I still need to fix some kerning issues and add more glyphs but its coming along nicely :)

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Yeah. Give that 'i' some air!

What about some scripting for swapping out one g for another ( and so on) . Or to eliminate the same latter looking identical. Like that double l in 'Will'. It's like the music stopped. :-(

Maybe scripting for Contextual alteration for 2nd & 3rd duplicate letters is what's needed. Now that would be Super Sweet!

I like your 'n' But your should be more different from it I think. I am not loving the 'r'. Maybe pitch the arm higher and start it lower.

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Eben- how would I go about scripting some alternate letters? I'm using fontographer is thats a hinderance

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That might well be a hinderance. I am not sure. If it is you could partner with somebody I suppose. Or maybe ( I am crossing my fingers for ya here) if a foundry picks it up they could handle it. BTW the old fontopgrapher or the new one re-released by fontlab? In any event, the thing to do is to take as far as you can before you take that step. If you get utterly stuck & want to do it I might be able to help.

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A very funny font!
I think the space (between words) is too wide. Following Tchichold, give to him the same value of letter i. It works graceful

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