Wishing All Typophiles a Very Peaceful and Prosperous New Year

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Just to take the lead!

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(fonts by Kevin King & Ray Larabie - diacritical work by me :)

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Happy Holidays all! And thank goodness it is not bitter cold and snowy down here in Virginia.


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What part of Virginia do you live in? It is bitter cold up here in Northern VA.


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I am in Richmond Chris. It's cold but not too bad. Now, when I went outside this morning to walk (4:45) it was colllllllllllld.


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Now this would be a cold concept


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Awoke to wind chills around -20 degrees yesterday morning. Snow drifted to around 2 feet. Thank goodness, however, that our power was out for only six days the week before and back on before the deep freeze and heavy snows hit. Could've been worse.

So, I revived an old illustration for this year's greeting:

Safe and Happy Holidays to all.

-- Kent.

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Absolutely cold and beautiful Kent! Crank up those chimneys. Did the salt hit the illustration before it hit the road?

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To a better 09!

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: (

Jeez, Can't we at least separate the church and state here?


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Kent, your illustration is gorgeous. I just love it.


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Michael - my card has nothing whatsoever to do with the church. Neither does the subject line of this thread.

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sorry - accidental double post.

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Sorry pattyfab... I had just listened to a rant on cable and they were mixing it up, injecting politics into the season, or it may have been the other way around. The word "change" came up and I was loaded for bear. Unfortunately you were the first moving target.

Kinda takes the jolly out of the season, which is what I thought this thread was about.

So Happy Holidays and in the words of Bryan Adams... Please forgive me. Better written than sung by me : ) You know the old "can't carry a tune in a bucket" thing.


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I dunno, I think that despite the truly dreadful situation we are in right now, there is more hope and excitement about next year than I have seen in a long time.

This thread is actually from 2 years ago.

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Everyone may "inject politics" wherever they want, this does not make what they inject anything inherently religious or good.

Also politics (from the Greek πολιτικος; πόλις was the community of citizens) is meant to be a positive word, and any word is inherently positive, at least in its root…

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Hi Claudio. The ancient Greek word "polis" meant city, or city state. A link to a solid and reliably-sourced Wikipedia article.

"Politic" is derived from "polis".

Also politics (from the Greek πολιτικος; πόλις was the community of citizens) is meant to be a positive word, and any word is inherently positive, at least in its root

My Shorter Oxford English Dictionary gives this definition for "politic":
Politic a. and Late ME. [-(O)Fr. politique sb. and adj. - L. politicus _ Gr. civic, civil political (as sb., politician), f. citizen, f. city, state; see -ic.] adj.1. = Political a. 1 (by which it is now superseded)) -1756. b. Pertaining to a constitutional state, as dist. from a despotism; constitutional (rare) 1449. 2. Characterized by policy; (of persons) actions or sagacious, prudent, shrewd; (of actions or things) judicious, expedient, skillfully contrived. Late ME. b. In a sinister sense: scheming, crafty, cunning; diplomatic, artfully contriving or contrived 1580.

. . . and any word is inherently positive, at least in its root

That makes no sense to me. Even tho I find this assertion lacking in merit I send you my best wishes for the festive season. Keep the spirit of joy alive in your heart Claudio, and go on doing what you do best. Go with what makes sense to you and don't let anyone else, least of all me, tell you what to do or what to believe.

Kind & warm regards,
j a m e s

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Chris, you have truly outdone yourself. Happy Christmas!

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Oh! I'll post mine here as well.
Happy 2009 everyone :)

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Best wishes in Wood, metal & ink

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Happy holidays, Typophiles, and best in the new year.

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Merry Christmas! I don’t believe in gods, but Christmas – well, that’s Christmas. Comfortable childhood memories.

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oops. I made a new post without having seen this one. Well here's mine. again.


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have a great...

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Nice one wouter!

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loving the innovation and authenticity emanating from some of the pieces here. dezcom the santa thing is almost out of this world. way to go

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