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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if I could get some feedback for this business card that I'm designing for friends of mine. They do seminars on developing communication skills and helping people with their public speaking skills. They are both professional dancers/singers/actors/performers. I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on:

- fonts chosen
- the layout
- the weights and balance of the overall card
- Some ideas on what can be done to the back of the card
- anything else that stands out.

Thanks for the feedback!

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> fonts chosen
I count four different typefaces, too many in my opinion. I would use one (two at most) and use size/weight/colour to develop your hierarchy of info.
> the layout
Keep it simple, these guys are experts in communication. It seems very cluttered.
> anything else that stands out
Maybe it’s just me, but I cringe when I see photos of people on their business card and without wanting to sound cynical, the portrait is quite cheesy.

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Thanks! I fixed the middle section font and used Medium Futura instead. I think it looks a little better too. Thank you very much for that comment!

What suggestions do you recommend to make the card less cluttered? The card they gave me originally was way too busy and I'm in the process of trying to simplify it. Any suggestions to improve that would be awesome!

They think the photos are hot actually. Actually, many speakers put their pictures on their cards, because it is important to their business (World champion speakers and many professionals). If they didn't use their photo, what else would you recommend?

If they did develop some kind of a logo/mark, what do you think would be most appropriate?

Thanks again for the comments! I really appreciate the feedback.

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Lots of real estate brokers want their portraits all over everything too. Majorly cringeworthy! The only people who should have headshots on their business cards are performers and prostitutes, IMHO.

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(Re: Last post: It's a good thing they are performers ;) )

I put up an updated business card that incorporates the suggestions you gave at the top of the thread (Insert image is bugged). let me know what you think.

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My recommendations:

-Right align the ampersand and shift over the upper name to match the rest of the text.
-Set the phone number in standard (123)456-7890 format that's used in the USA. While I personally prefer the dotted format, in a warm-fuzzies-and-photos card like this the dotted format might come off as pretentious.
-Drop the underline on the back. Bold is enough.
-Set the name on the back the same way that it was done on the front, and put the phrase “Improve Your” in bold so that it reads as a phrase followed by a list of terms.

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Thanks jpad,
Great suggestions... Updated the images at the top of the thread.

Can anyone give me any other ideas for what to write on the back of the card.

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"Maybe it’s just me, but I cringe when I see photos of people on their business card and without wanting to sound cynical, the portrait is quite cheesy."

I have to assume many people fee that way. Yet, so many people still do it. Vanity?

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I have to assume many people fee that way. Yet, so many people still do it. Vanity?

I think it has more to do with the overall gullibility of consumers. Certain things make people lower their guard: families, puppies, religion, patriotism and smiley pictures (Which is why they all show up in congressional campaign commercials). If I worked in a field where a big smiley photo on my card made me more money, I'd have them regardless of how silly it looked.

Nice update on the back of the card. If you're going to do anything else, why not just lose the extra logo and just go with the four lines of text? It's the sort of oddly compelling thing that might encourage someone to flip it over and see if the other side explains how to Improve Your....

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What's with all that unbroken volume of blue? And the volume of blue on the left pushes, forces, and unbalances the elements of type - pushing them almost right off the card. And try not to lead the eye to bottom right - it ends downward, and hence has a negative connotation.

Nuke the other side completely, thx. The image of those two crudely cropped figures are all about gradients (gradients of light and shadow, gradients of colour and form, etc.), which is in direct contrast to flat (non-gradient) areas of colour (white background) and type, hence the disconnect and drastic design disassociation.

The whole design seems forced and awkward. Come up with a fluid concept - and run with that. The current design seems to be just an assemblage of technical needs with a complete disregard to an overall theme or design.

And I'm sure you don't want me to talk about why that is...


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