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My boss just gave me an unopened and unused Type On Call CD-ROM, version 4.0.

Since the license was never used, is it still possible to request the fonts you get when you register? When I installed the software, it said that I could request Poppl-Laudatio Condensed and Apollo, both very nice faces, for the unbelievable price of $0.00!

I can't seem to be able to get anyone on the line at Adobe, but I should be able to request the fonts, right?

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Type On Call, FWIR, was Adobe's version of ordering from a catalogue. When I used it, a gazillion years ago, you had to pay for a key to unlock the fonts. Are you saying that your employer's paid for an unlocked CD and they never used it?

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I would bet that Type On Call is ancient history and the free font on registration is long gone. I remember getting my free fonts back in 1996 for Type on Call 4.

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Give it up, Dan. That v.4 Type On Call is way old and any offer associated with it will have expired. Same thing applied to the v.6 Type On Call I found in secondhand bookstore.

BTW, have you seen any examples of Apollo in use anywhere?

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I have no idea what it's all about. I think you buy the "catalogue," then call to purchase individual typefaces after you select them. When you registered, you got a chance to call in and activate a selection of a few typefaces on the cd for free.

Since it was never used, I suppose that the chance to activate the complementary fonts is still valid.

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Dude, there's always an asterisk.


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Hope for Complementary Fonts Springs Eternal™

I think that shall be the new mantra of all Typography Students the world over :)

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I have an old Type on Call (v3) CD here - there is absolutely no language about an expiration date. I'd think that if Adobe made money from the sale, they'd have to honor the offer; maybe Tom Phinney can help you.


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